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"Canned" Photos

Stock photos suck. A photo presented with an article or race report is a wealth of information about a rider's effort, equipment and the course.

When I see this with the race report for stage 21 of the 2010 Giro:


I would think that's Gustav Larsson riding in the Giro D'Italia. Except it's not. It's from the 2009 Tour de France!

This picture supposedly shows Zabriskie during Stage 5 of last year's Tour of Missouri:


Except this picture supposedly also is Zabriskie in the same stage. I guess he had a uniform change 1/2 way through.


If CN is going to throw up old pictures, please clarify when the photo is from. It is misleading at best, sloppy or lazy at worst when a photo is presented as being from a specific event, though it is not.


Mar 4, 2009
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Thanks for bringing your concerns to our attention. The use of "canned" photos is widespread in the internet news business, but we have a little glitch with our system that puts the photos into the race gallery if we use a "canned" pic for a news item related to that race. It's something we're planning to iron out in the near future.
May 9, 2009
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Even better than "stock" pics is manipulated pics.

Few years ago the venerable G. Watson posted a pic on his website of Pharmstrong (who else, right?) riding the final laps of the Champs. In the original pic there was half a wheel showing in front LA, plus a bunch of other 'noise'. The next day the exact same picture was posted with the wheel and noise photoshopped out. I understand it is Watson's property and he can do what he wants with it, but why?!? Why alter the actual truth of the moment just for a more appealing shot of a solo Uniballer? Pretty much a massive show of disrespect to the other racers.

Likewise, I lost a huge amount of respect for Watson that day. No better than a politician or Enronesque CEO in my eyes. All for money and show.