Cavs new Bike has F1 input and design

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Aug 9, 2010
Benotti69 said:
PR lose, i am laughing at them thinking Cav was gonna win on it and not mentioning Goss had one too. They would never get my $$$s anyway.

PR always claim they win if people talk about the product, but i am sneering, laughing, guffawing and lots of other things that PR dont like.;)
Yup. Getting coverage for the product is their job. Giving a toss about what some smartarse on the internet says, less so.
Oct 8, 2010
Night Rider said:
So, for all you S-Works owners you are now the proud owners of Specialized second tier frames :)
It's an aero bike and as such it was never meant to replace the current SL2 S-Works. It's simply an extension to the product range. Similar to the Roubaix S-Works before. It's a bike with a special application to longer races with very little (cross) winds and technical descending and the like. It's overall stiffness values are far below that of the SL2 (thus affecting the handling), however it's wind resistance in a straight line is claimed to be far less than that of any current road bike which according to Mclaren & Specialized translates into watt savings to the rider. It won the first race it was ever ridden in last weekend. I would like to ask Matt Goss what he thinks about it! I would argue it probably contributed to his success especially if you think about how the race unfolded.

Night Rider said:
It looks ugly as hell too.
In my humble opinion it's the hottest thing on 2 wheels!!!
May 28, 2010
Yup, the looks sure are polarizing. I for one love the sleek and curved design. I don't like some aero bikes, but this one really looks good to me for some reason. The price is freakin' outrageous though. I don't care what carbon fiber experts they had working on it, anyone who does buy it will be paying an arm and a leg for the McLaren name...

I'm curious to see how and when it will be implemented by the Specialized sponsored teams. I'd imagine spinters and their trains will have it on flat stages, and I doubt GC riders will ever ride it (obviously).
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