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Channel your inner DiNozzo

Over recent times I've had an occasional conversation with a mate in Texas. He's in the cycling industry, and so I suppose not surprisingly he was a big Lance fan. Despite all the stuff written and said over the years, he, like many others, refused to believe the accusations. It would make for interesting debate, but we kept it civil.

Then today he posts a link on social media about the UCI decision, and says the following:
"An Era Without Winners". Wow. I'm starting to see my world sort of crumble and stink...

It was for him, reality finally sinking in. And it hurt.

Knowing he is a good guy, I posted this metaphor:

It's never fun when long held beliefs are blown apart by reality. But acceptance of that reality does show you are not suffering from cognitive dissonance, unlike many others, and that's a good thing.

Reminds me of the scene in the film "Breaking Away" when Dave discovers that his heroes, the Cinzano cycling team, are cheats.

He responded with:
Exactly. I drank the Kool-Aid as much as anyone. I profited from it. We became our own paradigm. But this? This will take a LONG time to heal from.

To which I responded:

Dave recovered, learned a valuable lesson and formed better bonds with the people that matter.

He then said:
man, that is the BEST line I've gotten out of this whole freaking fiasco. Thank you so much!!! I have hope!!!

It got me wondering what other movie metaphors there might be in this whole saga. I'm sure there might be some that are apt, some funny, others thought provoking. Of course we've seen the Simpson's pictoral, and mafia films are a little obvious.

Go on, channel your inner Tony DiNozzo...