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Red Rick said:
shalgo said:
Two rapid wins in a row for Carlsen. He will now retain the world championship if he can get even one draw out of the next two games.
That would be 0 wins out of 15 if Caruana doesn't win the next game?
Yes; Carlsen won the third rapid game, thus ending the match without a victory for Caruana.

Caruana is not the first player to go an entire world championship match without winning a game; Kasparov didn't win any in his match with Kramnik in 2000, for example.
Anyone following the WC match? Absolutely insane game today, longest game ever at a WC and about 8 hours of play for Carlsen to win.
It was an amazing game I suppose... I hardly watch chess matches, only started to watch this one with half an eye because of my son... and then I got totally drawn in, I hardly know anything about chess apart from the basics, but I was super impressed by Carlsen's ability to stay calm and focussed under such pressure. And in the end, after the following games especially, I felt for Nepo, even though I had rooted for Carlsen, but this one game obviously totally broke Nepomniatchi.
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