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Chess! Do you play?

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Red Rick said:
shalgo said:
Two rapid wins in a row for Carlsen. He will now retain the world championship if he can get even one draw out of the next two games.
That would be 0 wins out of 15 if Caruana doesn't win the next game?
Yes; Carlsen won the third rapid game, thus ending the match without a victory for Caruana.

Caruana is not the first player to go an entire world championship match without winning a game; Kasparov didn't win any in his match with Kramnik in 2000, for example.
Anyone following the WC match? Absolutely insane game today, longest game ever at a WC and about 8 hours of play for Carlsen to win.

It was an amazing game I suppose... I hardly watch chess matches, only started to watch this one with half an eye because of my son... and then I got totally drawn in, I hardly know anything about chess apart from the basics, but I was super impressed by Carlsen's ability to stay calm and focussed under such pressure. And in the end, after the following games especially, I felt for Nepo, even though I had rooted for Carlsen, but this one game obviously totally broke Nepomniatchi.
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It is pretty spectacular chaos to be fair. I mean, you certainly can't say that Magnus has handled it all well, he's got to have something that he can't divulge for legal reasons at this stage, it can't be on pure principle alone given Niemann's history otherwise he'd not have played the previous game to a conclusion. Cos if he doesn't have specifics on Hans, then it really doesn't reflect well on Magnus to take his ball and go home like this.
Not impressed with Carlsen. He likes to put out this nonchalant persona like he doesn't care what anyone thinks about him and he says and does whatever he feels like saying and doing, but here we have him, hiding behind insinuations and letting his clout do the dirty work without saying anything clearly. Even if there's a legal reason why he can't talk openly, he could say at least that.