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Chess! Do you play?

Are there chess players in here?
Are you a professional?
Do you play only once per year?
This is the thread for you :)
We could also play against each other online! Or make a CN tournament :D

I'm an amateur, lately I started studying some theory (never did before) but overall I suck. :p
I Played for my school and University and have payed in an International Inter University championship. No ELO rating though. Haven't played for about 3 years now and is not up to date with any new openings.
However keen to start playing again.
I've played against my father a couple of times as a child, and once in a while in a free lesson in school.
My finest hour was exchanging a pawn for my opponent's queen (who played more seriously and more regularly) in one of those games in a 3- or 4-move gamble.

So most others would probably wipe the floor with me.
Sep 22, 2012
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Eshnar said:
No, soon I won't be able to continue. I need a checkboard in front of me to play.

I have played whole games blindfold before but not for a long time. Not sure I could do it now.
Some players are able to do blindfold simuls. A simul is where a strong player takes on a number of weaker players, it can be quite a large number sometimes. I have seen GM Ian Rogers, formerly Australia's top player, now retired, give a blindfold simul against 5 players, quite amazing.