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Teams & Riders Chris Froome Discussion Thread.

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Is Froome over the hill?

  • Yes.

    Votes: 28 35.0%
  • No, the GC finished 40 minutes ago but Froomie is still climbing it

    Votes: 46 57.5%
  • No he is totally winning the Vuelta

    Votes: 18 22.5%

  • Total voters
Froomes beeeatch is just feeling the pressure of him getting his botty spanked on some of the climbs. He cannot seem to compuete the quick digs Contador is putting on his power meter, he keeps looking at it as if its got a Blue Screen of Death.

I bet Brailsford isnt impressded with the daft bint, he needs to have a word with the Froome-dawg (or is it puppy now hes playing with the big boys?) and tell her to put a sock in it.
I can believe that he didn't thank Froome personally but I have a hard time believing he didn't thank the likes of Rogers, Porte, Knees and EBH.

The only thing I can imagine Froome's GF is referring to is that Wiggins didn't thank the riders and staff personally face to face after the race but then that was always going to be problematic because he had always planned to fly back to the UK a matter of hours after being on the podium in Paris in order to prepare for the Olympics. Normally the riders stay in Paris and there's a big party on the Sunday night. He's also going to be riding the Tour of Britain, Worlds Road Race and Lombardia to help teammates and did lead outs for Cav and EBH in the Tour, actions which don't fit with someone who is ungrateful towards his domestiques. And with the way that Sky rode the TDF even the most arrogant and single minded individual would have struggled to not thank them sincerely for their work.
May 21, 2010
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Michele C/twitter is one of the funniest things to happen in cycling in a long time.

Although shes gone full WAG plastiqque for my tastes,her a year or two ago however wowsers
Im sure Wiggins was very grateful for their support and expressed that but lets not get carried away. The SKY riders are paid a lot of money to do a job, in this case to help Wiggins win the tour. I dont think you should get too sentimental about it and I dont think you should expect Wiggins to be eternally grateful. They're doing a job. They supported Wiggo because thats what their bosses told them and paid them to do.
Didn't know much, if anything, about Froome prior to La Vuelta (took a break from cycling along with Contador). And most I'd read was negative was negative -- hindsight being what it is, mayhaps it had more to do with Sky as a whole. But now I think he is a heck of a cyclist and, more importantly, a heck of guy. The way he's handled the beating he is getting with humor, professionalism and most importantly, a lack of excuses -- despite having many to chose from -- has made a fan out of me. Would have been real easy for him to quit La Vuelta, yet he is still there and suffering in all sorts of ways.

Wish him all the best in the future...as long as he is not facing Spanish riders. :)

<off topic>Wiggings however, I can't stand</off topic>
agree with you on everything re. Froome but wtf has Wiggins done to offend you? Comes across to me as a thoroughly decent, modest, humorous, down-to-earth guy who is having to deal with a massive amount of attention which wouldnt be easy for anyone.
JRanton said:
People don't like Wiggins because of the way he left Garmin and also because they wrote off his 4th place finish in 2009 as a one-off fluke only to be proved emphatically wrong when he came back in 2012 to crush the Tour de France.

I don't understand why people hold the '12 Tour against him. He won convincingly.
Moviefan1203 said:
I don't understand why people hold the '12 Tour against him. He won convincingly.

I don't mind Wiggins or Froome. They are just very different people. Wiggins is obviously the more opinionated but he also has a sense of humour and his win in the Tour was so dominant that the race became less interesting a long way from the finish.
On lack of thanks, there's a documentary on British Cycling currently being shown in the UK in which Brailsford admits one of his own flaws "I'm not very good at saying 'thanks' - which is pretty s--- really, but.... I'm not that bothered about people saying 'thanks' to me, and so I think that's maybe a weakness that I shall address!"

So maybe a lack of private back-patting comes from the top and is just really what happens at Sky?
Jul 30, 2009
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LOL poor old Froome, after getting spanked on 25% climbs he has all that to listen to and deal with the outcome of :D

The peace and quiet of a nice long training camp at top of MT Teide must seem very appealing right now.

I hope he has learned from Henao about not making your team leader look bad when you are stronger. I expect JTL to be doing the same next year so he should get used to it.

And he needs some of this