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Mar 11, 2009
_nm___ said:
made very little sense for the Swift, too, because Froome dropped him 300 meters from the line, which is too far for out
on top of that, Froome actually gapped Swift for a while when he went out of the saddle, forcing Swift to work hard to close that gap and lose precious strengths needed for the (300 meter long) sprint

Wiggins had done the same mistake at the tour: dropping his sprinter with 300 meters to go. that's too far

i think Wigggins did that twice at the tour, actually, with twice that exact same mistake

funny how they don't learn

in the end this only helps them make sure they won't be involved in a crash

Kind of like the way team GB were overconfident of their capabilities at the olympic RR.. they seem to underestimate their opposition at times.
Well it looks like the fat lady has sung... a valiant effort that allowed him to limit his losses and he didn't try anything stupid today and let Henao and Uran bring him back to the Gesink group. I guess they're tired too because they're not at their Giro level.
Jun 1, 2012
cineteq said:
Hmmm...I might change my tune against Froome after this nice comment:

Christopher Froome se muestra contento con estar en la Vuelta. "Me gusta el ambiente de la Vuelta a España más que el del Tour de Francia. Me gusta la cultura española y la actitud de la gente. Los espectadores tienen muchos corredores suyos para animar y aún me animan también a mí. Eso me ayuda a mantener mi motivación alta a pesar de que estoy un poco cansado"

Christopher Froome is happy to be at La Vuelta. "I like the atmosphere of the Tour of Spain better than the Tour de France. I like the Spanish culture and the attitude of the people. Spectators have many Spanish riders to encourage and they even encourage me. That helps me keep my motivation high even though I'm a bit tired "

Yes me too he has held himself well in the media interviews this tour and is showing a very likeable side of himself.. Im not a Sky or Wiggins fan but Clinic and Sky to one side he seems like a nice guy


I get the strong impression that English is not his first language. Indeed a natural modesty shines and he clearly is aware that his team mates have dragged him this far. Why did they think he could do all that has been asked of him this year. None of the others have been so (mis) used.
Jul 22, 2011
Howard Thomas said:
I get the strong impression that English is not his first language.

He was educated at an Anglican school in South Africa from age 14 and considering both his father and grandparents were English I would have thought that English would have been the language spoken at home, rather than Swahili. His English sounds quite natural to me, you have to listen really closely to hear any trace of South African.

Damn, Froome's GF is again taking shots at Wiggins on Twitter. And Froome is the only guy who can give her information like that.

Normally, he's a guy I would like, but with a douchy GF like that it's pretty hard to do so :D
webvan said:
What is she saying? Doesn't sound like a good time to make a nuisance of herself again...

Quite amusingly inappropriate. Some of her followers commiserated with her over Chris's performance and said it's a pity he sacrificed himself to help Wiggins win the Tour. She replied that what's even worse is that Wiggins never thanked the crew or riders for their help and wondered if he expected them to work for him again.
Dec 27, 2010
El Pistolero said:
I would say it's even more petty of Wiggins to not thank his team(if it's true anyway).

Cmon the guy paraphrased 'the team were incredible' into every interview.
Mar 31, 2010
willbick said:
erm did u ever consider that he said that so as not to degrade Wiggins's tour win? its called telling a white lie. Why dont u ever consider what is behind a statement rather than taking EVERYTHING at face value?

a white lie is even worse and more pathetic.
El Pistolero said:
I would say it's even more petty of Wiggins to not thank his team(if it's true anyway).

And that exactly is the big question!

Wiggins thanked the team often enough in public, I just can't imagine him not doing so internally. However, the way Froome's GF is making supposedly Sky internal stuff public has to bother Bailsford.
Really? That chick is really brainless, when he she going to shut up ?! Obviously Froome was shouted at by management after his antics on Toussuire and probably even more so after Peyragudes since he was doing it again. It's like dealing with a 3 year old!
Froome's Girlfriend is implying that there is friction behind the scenes. It's mental that he tells her all this personal stuff and she puts it up on twitter for everyone to see. No wonder Twitter is such a disaster for PR people all over the world.
May 19, 2011
will10 said:
Cmon the guy paraphrased 'the team were incredible' into every interview.

I agree I would be shocked if Wiggins didnt thank his team, I didnt realise till his interview on Lagos da Covadonga what a genuine and nice guy Chris Froome is, shame his gf appears to be queen bytch
Jul 17, 2012
I heard he pay tribute to the team many times during and after the Tour. He very publicly stated he would ride in support of Chris in the future to return the favour, possibly at the next Tour. He also did lead outs for EBH and Cavendish as a very direct thank you for the work they put in. He's also said he'd ride the Tour of Britain and would be looking to repay the favours he owes.

Froome has got his shot at leading a GT team through his performance at the Tour. He understood before hand that is his job description, and he has been repaid by leading the Vuelta team. Maybe if he didn't do things like do multiple turns at the front on a sprint stage, burn up his demestiques unecessarily and sttack at pointless moments only to explode up the road a bit he would be doing better. I think he's been exposed as a valiant but naive cyclist.