Question Chur Chur Sound from my MTB

Aug 16, 2021
Everyone I am a cycling enthusiast and started my journey from Single gear MTB bicycle
I am using the MTB by Sun cross
My question is I used my MTB for riding 30-40 KM
But as I am doing it for a long time so I lubed my MTB with the machine OIL. Then I realized that there is a lot of grease in my MTB back chain which is causing my bike to bit on heavier side.
Today I washed my Bike with a clean cloth and lubed the cycle chain but there is an annoying sound from my chainset.
Can anyone suggest me something to fix my Bike?
Without seeing the bike, not really, it could be a number of things. based on the fact you used a very unsuitable product to oil your chain I'm going to guess you don't have much experience maintaining your bike? If that's the case I would say that you should either find someone locally who is willing to help you, or take it to a bike mechanic.