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CN owner Future Publishing reports £19m loss

CN owner Future Publishing reports £19m loss

Picked this up via Peter Cossins and the Guardian newspaper on Twitter.

Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2011/nov/24/future-reports-19m-loss

Ouch! Any risk to the CN website?

We are migrating the US business to a predominantly digital model and have taken steps to de-risk remaining print properties," the company said.

The UK operation, which accounts for 73% of total revenues, has proved to be "resilient" with digital revenue growth of 36% offsetting the ongoing decline of income from print.

Hmm, maybe FP's websites represent the best assets they've got! :)


Nah, its just the US side messing things up. The british non-digital side of Future is pretty solid. They have a decent magazine circulation over here.

Sounds like for outside of the gb they are switching to a 100% digital medium.

That said, I do wonder at times how succesful the media side of things is and how much it is subsidised by magazine sales, but then of course, the digital side advertises the magazine sales.

Maybe we will see them merge sites into one.. ? bikeradar for example. I dont know how much crossover of staff there is between the two but wouldnt be surprised to see the two merge one day.
May 14, 2010
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It's really too bad for us U.S. readers, because Pro Cycling is easily the best of the mass circulation cycle sport mags. And, no, despite how digital is touted, it just can't compare in any way to a high quality print magazine.