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Paris roubaix winner

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Jun 16, 2009
Please tip your winners (for listed races) and/or what you think will happen during the classics? Who will be successful? Who will surprise and who will suck?
Milan San Remo

Gent Wevelgem

Ronde van Vlaanderen
RVV map

Paris Roubaix
(can't find one yet)
My (unrealistic) wishful thinking..

MSR - Gilbert
Ronde - Gilbert
G-W - Van Summeren/Breschel
P-R - Chavanel

Hope Gilbert can pick up one of those anyway. I reckon he could hold an attack over MSR's last hill. Maybe Chavanel can get top 5 if he's lucky in Roubaix, maybe top 3 if he gets in the right break. QST 1-2-3? :p

Still, it's pretty useless guessing until we have the full startlists, and even then...

I think that, realistically, Boonen or Devolder will win at least one of Ronde & Roubaix between them.
Mar 18, 2009
My picks:

Boonen: MSR and P-R

Cancellara: Flanders

Hincapie's bike will break in half on the P-R cobbles and he'll ride the front wheel like a unicycle, just missing the podium.

Hoste will get out-sprinted for second at Flanders by a kid on a tricycle who wandered on the course by mistake.
Jun 16, 2009
MSR Boonen (in good form and cav is bad atm)

PR: Pozzato

RVV:Ballan (think he's getting some good form)

Gent: Devolder
Jan 30, 2010
San Remo: Gilbert (Hagen to come a close second, followed by Boonen)
Gent: Pozzato (easily wins against Haussler and Hushovd)
Flanders: Boonen (not letting teammate Devolder take another one, Chavanel and Cancellara to round out podium)
Roubaix: Cancellara (big fella is back and ready after missing out on Flanders, Hushovd and Boonen close behind)

What's the poll for? Just Roubaix? It's very confusing.. maybe you need a poll for each of the monuments?
Inner Peace said:
What's the poll for? Just Roubaix? It's very confusing.. maybe you need a poll for each of the monuments?

I know it's a little early but who do you guys tip in the Ardennes this year? Going on current form of course.

I think that Peter Sagan may surprise a few people and the Schleck boys are targeting these races again this year.