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Contador blasts LA

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Jul 17, 2009
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LaBici said:
By the way lets not let all the Oxygen in the room flow to Armstrong.

Kudos to Cavendish, Pellizotti, & to A. Schleck. And a special shout out to Wiggo.
Bye until next year. I'm going back to study my cycling history.

That is one ignorant statement!
Jul 29, 2009
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one-nut baby...

frizzlefry said:
Looks as if AC finally snapped and got tired of being picked on. What a baby. Man up and drop your nuts AC. LA may only have 1, but at least he uses it.


BABY is an excellent term used to describe the antics and infantile behavior displayed by LA throughout this year's TdF.
Alberto can teach him loads on acting llike a deserving winner.
For someone who won it 7 times, this guy is very very sad.
Greg Johnson said:
This is very simple guys. There's a place to talk about this stuff - if that's your thing, go there and do it.

If you dare!

Apr 29, 2009
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Dead right AC was bullied to the 10th degree and LA utilised his power the way a dictator would weild his. Not classy in our great sport. LA is a great Tour winning Champion but fast becoming Tour Whining. Bring on next year mano a mano.
Aug 4, 2009
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gree0232 said:
What is clear is that the team that brought Contador to the pinnacle of his success is now for all intents and purposes defunct. The idea that Alberto is just a victim if circumstance? Not buying that at all.

Again, Al is clearly not comfortable unless he is the 'Captain' and everyone else acknowledges it. It was bad with Levi in the Vuelta, and unbearable in the Tour.

How Alberto wants to have a strong team of strong riders who are all devoid of any ego? Good luck Alberto.

Lance was right, AC has a lot to learn.

wide open for discussion still?