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Contador slams team as "rivals" & laments “It's not big names that make a great team"

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Apr 12, 2009
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Alpe d'Huez said:
Pretty funny! There are several versions of this, and this one is pretty good. Made me laugh. Especially the part about "the Prophet Bobke". :D

I know it's stupid but it's funny how lance obsessed they are, plus the i will frame him call the uci, use gerta she uses epo, hilarious.
I think Contador seems to be a bit of a crybaby. Last fall he whined about Levi not supporting him at the Vuelta. The fact is, Astana have lots and lots of GC talent. The best way to satisfy all of them is to decide it on the road. Honestly, I do not know what he is worried about. In the end, the top guys tend to have to ride for themselves on the final climbs anyway.
Apr 21, 2009
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I wouldn't be surprised if we hear later that Contador was taken out of context to get a more sensational headline. That's happened a time or two before I think, re. any Lance/Contador controversey the press can talk about. Seems to me that Lance has actually been a good domestique to Levi through the Gila and the Giro, in spite of all the talk about his un-supressable alpha-male tendancies. I suspect that will carry over into the TDF. Statements from him since the Giro seem to indicate that he doesn't realistically see himself as a contender and will work for a team win. We'll see in a few weeks, either way.