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Contador's TT....Seriously!?

Jul 24, 2009
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You know...far be it from me to bring up the over stressed doping topic, but come on!

After reading Kohl's accounts as to what happened to him, how it happened and how the peloton is a society that just accepts it, how can anyone possibly believe that Contador smoked that TT course as he did beating arguably one of the best individual TT'ers in the business? Everyone seems to be asking Sastre and Evans what is going on with them, what's wrong, why aren't they doing very well? Menchov, coming of the Giro win (even with DiLuca being caught), what's wrong with him in the tour? Should we look back and do research as to how the body reacts after taking doping measures and what the outcome is after stopping the doping measures? What is the performance, or lack there of? The question should be raised, are they just top professionals who are actually not doping this tour and are riding at the level that all of those in front of them in GC should be riding as well?

I'll bring it up, simply because I have always been skeptical to the LA scenario of pounding everyone prior to all of those being caught for doping. I mean come on...how does a 37 year old, who visually looks like crap when he can't go with the attacks of the Schleck brothers and Contador, a few minutes later come close to bridging a minute or more gap by sprinting up a 10% grade after riding four category climbs prior to that? We are all riders, we have all been at the perverbial wall...how many of us have been able to just overcome that and sprint ahead to try and catch up like we had just started our ride and there was a mountain lion chasing us up the hill???

Seriously, they either just need to legalize the performance enhancing drugs that it seems most are on now or they need to do what Formula One has done with making the teams state how much fuel they have on board after their final qualification position. The cycling teams just need to provide a list stating which rider is on what drug so that the other teams know what they are up against.

It seems we have finally come to that part of cycling where a top GC contender needs to not only be able to ride all disciplines, but also needs to be able to assert his efforts accordingly so as to not draw attention to himself and raise speculation as to what kind of drugs he is on.