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Converting Slides to digital images - commercial services in USA?

Anyone recommend a service in the USA that will receive and return your slides by mail and create digital images from them? I have a couple hundred I'd like to have converted. I don't need crazy manual color corrections and fancy stuff...just want to send my slides off and get them back and not pay an arm and a leg.

Aug 4, 2009
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for about $60 tou can buy a slide skanner and do your own not quite as good as Pro Digital but good enough for the net.

If you can dig out some archive photos of Neil Stephens and others in 1995 Era you will see some that I have put up there in early days of Cycling News

Not perfect but today digital is much better than it was.
Aug 16, 2009
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Your local Costco store is the cheapest. You only get .jpeg images. FIne but not hte best quality. I fund a place near Portland Oregon (sorry don't remember name now) that my mother used with good results. Google will be your friend.