Mar 1, 2010
How hypocritical is the CPA asking the French Senate not to release names of riders from the 1998 TdF that showed positive because
"The list would not be reliable, the group claimed, as, for example, the tests were performed years ago, and laboratory conditions have changed in the interim. “Under these conditions the results are absolutely not guaranteed and it is impossible to guarantee the absence of errors including the nominative assignment.”?
Regardless of what anyone thinks about Armstrong, the CPA was more than happy to crucify him and continue to do so. I am not supporting Armstrong but pointing out the total hypocrisy. I am starting to firmly believe that there are no orginizations or committees in cycling that truly want to help the sport or the riders.
Jun 6, 2013
this would seem like the easiest time for anyone with even the smallest interest in cleaning up the sport to step up and show some intent. Even the most self serving individual in cycling today would have to say this is ridicules. McQuaid, Cookson, Vaughters, Riis, Brailsford etc ;) We all know what was going on if they cant clean up the old mess what hope do we have for the future.

except for Kloden, Voigt and O'Grady it is wonderful to see them doing so well in the new world of clean cycling:rolleyes:
May 26, 2010
CPA = doping omerta.

It is long overdue lifetime dopers like Kloden, O'Grady and Voight finally get called out.