Criterium du Dauphine (2.UWT), 3-10 June

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I fairly often see something about Brian Robinson BEM in the
press or cycling press but has he been quoted about G's
win in the Dauphine? He was the first British rider to
win it back in 1961 and has grandkids that race,
so might have something interesting to say.
Re: Re:

Der Effe said:
Alexandre B. said:
My dislike for buddy-buddies Sky and Mitchelton grow stronger.
It's the typical Anglophone imperialist speaking here. And the typical Quick-Step hypocrite, who both share the same sense of false morality, aching to a Rudyard Kipling poem.

I've never seen anyone see apply 'fair play' so randomly as those bullies, their sense of entitlement is sickening.
Gosh you two sound like bitter little men