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cross country skiing world cup

any interest in this at all? to me, it's what makes winter bearable (watching skiing on TV, and, to a lesser extent, skiing myself), but do anyone outside of scandinavia even know of it? Is it true that the success of Cologna, Bauer, Angerer etc has boosted interest for the sport on the continent?

Anyway: Ronny Hafsås won the season opener today, beating Vincent Vittoz by thr narrowest of margins; and I actually found myself cheering for the frenchman, which had me wondering how many french people did the same..
Mar 31, 2009
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Biathlon season starts next weekend and we can get back to some exciting race action - the XC races can be a bit of a procession. Bjoerndalen is simply the best winter sports athlete and great to watch when he's on form. What was interesting yesterday was that Berger was up on the entire field at every distance including 12.5km and yet lost the race by a 30 second margin- maybe he crashed on the last section?
Jan 25, 2010
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