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Cycling on USA TVs, desktops, laptops, and handheld devices

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I subscribed to Peacock for the 1st time a few months ago when folks on here pointed out the good deal they were offering for a 1yr deal. It will be a “backup” to my mostly VPN-accessed race viewing this spring and summer. But just noticed a side-benefit: it’s the only service broadcasting/streaming the best (KC-Miami) of the NFL playoff games this weekend:)
Here is the bottom line:

2024 USA Streaming Cycling Services
Max (plus B/R Live Sports Tier):
$219.99 per year
FloBikes: $149.99 pear year
Peacock: $59.99 per year
Annual Total: $429.97

Luckily I got Peacock for $20.00. Flobikes doesn't carry enough to shell out $150 (I know I've had it). So it's $220+20, figure $250 with taxes and the other charges that get added per year. I realize MAX has a lot of additional programming but I don't care just like I don't watch anything else on Peacock, only cycling. I feel screwed big time.
But I'll buy MAX on 2/28. I think that means I get the$10 addon free correct?
LOL MAX won't let me create an account............