Dan Martin discussion thread

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This is a secret covert message to his teammate Froomey... i.e. "you feel so great when you retire in good shape without looking like a washed-up fool".

Or not. But in any case, Martin had a great career & he's quitting the sport after a season in which he still won a GT stage. He's still at a good level.
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I just hope that prudhomme finally, after this awesome tour, already understand how to do a interesting route. More altitude, with more steep climbs, more medium mountains stages, and some long itts.

Some things that work and i'd love to see again at the tour.

Pailheres/ax 3 domaines
Cime de la bonette

Col de la tougnéte! But i think col de la loze will be ate the tour 2023.

Col du granon was absolutely unbeliavable, i hope they comeback in 2024 or 2025.

Sure, but what does that have to do with Dan Martin?