Dauphine Libere starts on Saturday!

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Jun 18, 2009
Jamsque said:
I guess the question is whether or not Contador will go for the win here. I know there is that quote flying around where he said " I'm not going to compromise my program for the Tour by trying to be on form for the Dauphine " or words to that effect, so I guess he might just soft-pedal it.

Who else is racing?

He might just win by default. Sanchez would be my favorite if AC is taking it easy.

I think if he's in contention on the final day, he can't help but go for it. We've seen in the past how he likes to take flyers.

Be interesting to see if Horner is there to win too.
Feb 14, 2010
theswordsman said:
... Even if he's just training through this, I think Alberto would go all out in the 49 kilometer one.

He also likes to reward the hard work of his teammates, so since a lot of these guys will be with him in July, and the Alpe d'Huez just sitting there as a challenge, I think he goes for it. Not a big margin of victory for the eight days, but a win to give the guys confidence. This might be his last race ever with some of them, and could be the second last with the rest.

Disagree; he will go hard, but he will have a definite top effort in mind that he knows will progress his form and he won't go over it. An "all out" effort would need a post-Dauphinee recovery which would affect his peaking effort. I think he will have a crafty plan, like he had last year.

But-- I'm wrong more than I'm right! (so I belong on these forums?):rolleyes: