Davide Rebellins future

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Another year in the saddle!

Rebellin infinito, signs with Team Work Service:
"I have fun and I can still have my say"
He will turn 50 on 9 August: the Vicenza-born, at Laigueglia ready to start the 29th season as a pro ', explains the reasons for the choice and the objectives:
"I don't care about breaking records"
He's starting to look like Mr Burns.

Anyone else had a pro career of 30+ years?
I've called him Bernard Hopkins on a bike before.
Bernard Hopkins was a pro boxer for 28 years and was only KOed in his final fight, one month before turning 52. He has his last world title fight against Kovalev (at that moment the number 1 guy in the division) about 2 months before turning 50 and while he lost he did manage to go the distance.
Good news, folks: Davide has been back in training for a while. His 2022 team „Work Service Vitalcare Vega“ starts at „Challenge Mallorca“, the five one-day races in Mallorca, from January 26 on. There, or soon after, Davide will start his 2022 campaign.

Even better news is that Davide - finally - has stopped talking about retirement (which he often did at age 40-50). He clearly seems to have the spirit of a neo-pro.

If you ask me: I still enjoy watching him. IMHO, there is a HUGE number of riders who are weaker than Davide that ride for Pro Continental teams.
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