Davide Rebellins future

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Google translation of an Instagram post from today:

Finally tomorrow I will resume competition at the Giro dell'Appennino. I spent a long period of rehabilitation after my shin and fibula injury last September ... but my desire has always been to come back, to put the number back on my back and relive those special emotions that are a mix of adrenaline, fun, passion that competitions still know how to convey to me. I don't know yet for how long, for how many races, but the important thing is to restart and always believe in your dreams
"My goal is the Tricolore/Nationals. To get to that event well, the Adriatica Ionica Race will start on June 4th."
Rebellin then leaves the door open for the future:
"I love what I do, for me even at 50 it is it's normal to go out and train. As long as I feel good, I'll go ahead.
Then we'll see after the Tricolore ".
Rebellin became 19th in the 1.1 race (Appeninno) this week. Extremely strong. Maybe a few dozens of 51-year olds worldwide could achieve 19th rank in a pro 1.1 UCI race. Very, very impressive! :)

He was top of the cycling world in April 2004, but for me, he is just a living legend.

Nothing could stop Davide. He‘s been through so much… Telling him to retire would be insane. I hope he keeps on doing what he loves so much. He‘s clearly still strong, and probably still could ride for a Professional Continental Team. Furthermore, there might be more than one World Tour rider in 2022‘s peloton which is slower than Davide.

But he‘s still riding in a Continental Team, which used to be „GSIII“ level. To me, that is (bottom) level of professional (paid) cycling.
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