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Depth in the Ranks

May 26, 2010
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I'm an Aussie who's always liked cycling, but as a second or third sport - and who previously followed the headlines and some highlights of the TDF. But since living 2Kms from Melbourne's cycle-crazed 'beach road' and getting Eurosport on the telly - I'm all in.
Now I always thought Test match cricket was like chess, but it has nothing compared to this giro. Great watching!
Anyway, it just appears to me that there is huge depth in the cycling ranks at the moment. I know that there are probably one a few riders who could win TDR, but my gawd, there must be 20 riders banging on the door of a top 5finish. And as cycling gets bigger in the US and Aus, and maybe even in Asia in the next 10 years of so - could we be heading into a new golden age of cycling?

Anyway, unsure if you guys have covered this topic. And if so, happy for you to kill it. Othewise, really enjoying the show at the giro!
Correct, there is an awful lot of contenders for a top5 spot and many of them are young. It seems like it will be the deepest field for a while, but you can say that every year - as soon as you go over more than a speed bump a few contenders show they're not in form.