Di Luca tests positive for EPO in OOC test.

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Yes, he actually gifted some of the older stuff to Cunego, when he had a child.
On the left you have Enrico Simoni, on the right Santiago Basso:
The new Santi :hearteyes:
I heard he climbed Mortirolo at 12.
But wait, I thought(according to some here), "doping in cycling has nearly vanished"? That "no one's doing it much anymore?" How are riders & teams STILL getting popped for it then?

Sounds A LOT like Mr. "I've been tested 1352 times & never 1 positive". How'd that work out?

If you turn a blind eye to it(or purposely & conveniently "forget" it doesn't happen still), that doesn't mean it's gone away or ended.

Too funny.
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