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Aug 13, 2009
British Pro Cycling said:
Here's a very simple one for you - why do you think you were you banned from RBR?

There were about 10-15 posters that were banned around the same time at RBR. Our views on Armstrong differed from the moderators. With Armstrong's return the idea of someone telling the truth was too much for them to bare and they banned a large group of posters in a 2-3 week period. Many of them are quality contributors to this forum.

You can continue to lie and say that I was banned for trolling etc. however this is not the case. There are plenty here that will testify to this, you continuing to invent this lie is just another attempt to bait me into your crazy world.

It is clear how pathetic your trolling is as you continue to try to make this an issue in order to deflect from your obvious efforts.
Sep 20, 2009
El Imbatido said:
Come on guys we are not in the 'About The Forum' section for you two to get into a slanging match. Is it possible for you two guys to just agree to disagree or even if possible, just start afresh with a clean slate.

This forum is a great place where we can all post our views on topics presented BUT and it is a big but (no pun intended) it should never degenerate into slanging matches, name calling or insults. Please guys just stop baiting each other.

Back to the topic at hand, i have seen British Pro Cycling's posts disappear and whilst i understand it may be one of the mods doing this, it really is unnecessary as i believe BPC has made a conscious effort to clean up his posts and atimes try to stay on topic. It is makes the thread almost unreadable especially if you read the topic a few hours after they have been posted and BPC's thoughts and answers have been removed. This happens because even though his thoughts have been removed other posters have quoted him which then steers the topic in another direction or in some cases a second line of thought and chat ensues. This then turns into one giant mess.

My thoughts are just let him be for now and just keep a close eye on him if you guys (mods) are really worried about him that much. I actually think he is most likely a very nice guy (i don't actually know him outside of this forum) just with a very strong opinion on certain people and subjects and he like just about every human being will defend his point of view no matter what. - This may be one of his problems.

Anyway is the main points i'm trying to get across is: Please leave in his posts as it almost disrupts the conversation more than trolling.


I'd agree with that. Maybe it's a plague on all our houses. TFF said some things, RR said some things, I said some things. But in the end it doesn't matter who said this or that in the past. Lets just start afresh and give it a new go without all the unpleasantness from both sides.
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