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Don't Let Him Go! Remi Cavagna thread

I watched that ToC stage, and i really think the problem was that he was just jelly legged at that point.

But yeah, QS continues to find these diesel type guys. I thought he was Italian until I watched the French ITT race this year and saw him in it...he's a real engine, huge legs at 1.86 m tall.
Rolf Sørensen thought that Cavagna looked much leaner than usual today and fully expects him to take a shot at GC. I have to admit that I am no expert in spotting those kinds of things but maybe the people from Contador's thread can weigh in?
To me he didn't look leaner today, but then I never look at that especially because in general I find commentators put too much into that. Riders aren't always what they look like, I'd say. However, DQS hasn't really come with another GC rider here, and since he's French, why not try it here? I don't think he's in the general process of developing into a GC rider, though.
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