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Jan 29, 2013
The Clinic has been my go-to site for following doping in not just cycling, but all sports. What other sites, forums, blogs, people to follow on twitter etc, do you frequent or recommend for great info on doping in sport? Any great interviews and documentaries as well.
DW posted a good one, but really any of the bodybuilding forums are educational about what's 'out there' and being used.

Its actually rather scary the stuff some people pump into their bodies so casually.
I would also say that some of the WADA resources are well worth looking at, especially the detailed sample collection and testing proctocols.

UKAD has some good easy to follow advice for coaches/athletes (parents evens), if any of that is relevant to your interests. Probably not what you are looking for specifically, but worth throwing out there.
Other NADOs probably have similar stuff, I'm just most familiar with UKAD and USADA.
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