Doping suspicion repository?

Does anyone know of a place where you can find what doping suspicions are connected to various top riders that haven't been caught positive. I find it hard to keep track of all the rumours and I think it would be useful to have some sort of reference list when discussing doping issues. Examples of things could be what riders that were connected to things like Humanplasma or other clinics, who worked with known doping doctors, who rode on teams that are suspected of having had organized doping programs etc?

If there doesn't already exist a repository like this then wouldn't there be a point in creating one?
I'm working on a statistics application on doping in my spare time. With all the rumours, inconsequental arrests etc that I've found that I need to have very strict business rules in order to qualify what I'm recording.

So I decided quite early to rule out suspicion as grounds for entering the data. Nevertheless, I have still spotted lots of "strong probabilities" based on mapping teams and riders against a number of axes.

As I mentioned before somewhere, I intend to release the system to the public once I've got it to a state that I think is ready. Once I have all the data in the system, that's when the fun will really start! :D
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