E3 Harelbeke March 26, 2021

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Who will win the E3 2021

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Hope we get to see the sub race favorites in a battle. GVA vs Benoot vs SKA vs Vanmarcke vs a wolf. Something like that. But it will be hard to outperfm the big 2.

Time for Ag2r (Naesen!) to step up their game.
I'm giving van Aert the edge here over van der Poel.

9 people know who will win but won't tell us! Not very social! (But I guess it's because the spoiler rules are to be enforced stricter than before.)
Well we all have the power to travel to the future! However putting our selection of who will win is going to spoil it for the rest of you

Spoiler: Its someone who's competing in the race!
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The interesting thing about the E3 is that the tougher hills are far from the finish. After Pater and Kwaremont it's still 38 km to the finish, with only two easy climbs left. That means the big guns have to attack early if they want to get rid of the bigger pack. On the other hand WVA and MvdP could still win in a bunch sprint, but I wouldn't be surprised if they attacked early in the final, also as a test for next Sunday. I'm certainly looking forward to it!

Edit: They will have a gutsy left head wind in the final. Otherwise it's dry and sunny.
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when will they come to boonenberg? Somewhere around 3pm? Also amazed how the home of cycling ignores this classic year after year and instead, the play million replay of som skiing event. Today, they actually bring it to perfection, they have planned to replay mens super G from WC finals which did not took place, so they pick yet another random replay. And there are no live pictures of E3 or Catalunya.
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