Effects of coronavirus on professional races

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So nearly no new (important) race cancellation or postponement during the last two weeks, which is very positive news. :)
Can we now really assume a more or less normal season? Let´s hope so..
Italy opened it's restaurants and bars recently I believe, and has seen an increase in cases. I'm sure Strade and Tirreno are safe, but the Giro? What do our Italian friends think?
Hard to make predictions at this point.
Some restrictions will be implemented in March and we'll see how it goes.

I don't think the biggest cycling races are in danger unless a dramatic raise in cases occur in that specific region before the race.

I wouldn't count on vaccines though. We're way behind schedule.
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it depends. If it's not worthy, I'd really say it's better to not to have a race at all.

Amstel is not so important anyway, but for basically all monuments for example, I'd definitely prefer them to be called off instead of being held on a mickey mouse circuit like this.
Yeah, I'm sort of with you. I really am sad that it will be on a circuit, especially because the race has become so good lately.