Ekimov suspends Zabel

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Mar 13, 2009
Eki had nice "hockey hair".

buzness at the front, party at the back.



if he wa sa hockey player he coulda married anna kornikova too <eyes roll>
TheBean said:
Ekimov never ****ed positive. Ekimov never confessed.

Any implications of him doping are rumors. Those rumors may be true, but they are still rumors and suppositions.

People get canned for positive tests and/or confessions, not rumors.

I, for one, am glad that is the way it is. Imagine if any of us were called into our boss' office and fired on account of the rumor mill.
In this case the boss is the Russian mafia. Eki will be fine. In good company.
D-Queued said:

Because, with characters like Ekimov, we don't need Lance Armstrong around to continue the blatantly duplicitous behavior that reminds us of how entrenched the doping culture is in cycling.

In other words, if Ekimov is worried about having people who have aided and abetted organized doping, and its cover up, associated with the team then why doesn't he fire himself? Any team with Ekimov involved in a management role is intrinsically linked to doping.

Ekimov's spitting episode alone is a blatant example of cover-up and Omerta. Far worse than Zabel's distortion about the extent of his personal doping.

His firing of Zabel is almost comical.

Why did he hire Zabel in the first place? What experience and expertise was he looking for on Zabel's resume?

Is there doping in cycling?

I dunno, is Ekimov still in the sport?

Ekimov's management role promises hundreds, if not thousands, of new posting opportunities in the Clinic.

Ooooops. I thought you meant something else.

Thanks for the response.
Bratam said:
What a laugh. Ekimov is about the dirtiest rotten lying cheat this side of Lance Armstrong. A man who refused to help authorities in the Armstrong doping saga, a man who spat at anyone who dared break the Omerta, an utter digrace to cycling. A doping cheat who still hasnt come clean. He has no right to be involved in cycling, let alone be in a position to sack anyone who confesses to doping. The sooner they take away his fraudulently obtained Olympic Gold medals, the better.

I only have one more thing to say about the scumbag piece of garbage that is Ekimov: #$%^&**&^%$#@