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Emanuel Buchmann thread

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I think Bora should have taken buchmann to the giro purely because their team for the race is weird and he would offer more value than kock, Mullen or aleotti.

But I'm not under any illusions that he would be a podium threat.

If you're a 31 year old guy who was a pro for 9 years, and it takes a public dispute with your boss to be motivated enough to push yourself to the limit on a training climb, probably you won't be too successful
Maybe they nominate him for Hungary and he can show his form there. He was good in Frankfurt but not of the charts crazy good. In 2018 or 2019 he was better on the Mammolshain climb although the race was overall easier.

We also should wait until the Giro is over...who thought Denz would win 2 stages last year. Maybe Koch or van Poppel with Mullen can surprise. Rider selection for the mountaineous stuff looks really great with Schachmann and Martinez getting on the stage podium and Aleotti/Lipowitz with great to fantastic domestique work. Hard to argue about that atm.