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TourOfSardinia said:
I'm happily surprised so far into the tour and still no blocking - for me
Anyone getting this improvement?
If so
it could be we can get by without a brand new forum.
For me the problems have stopped over recent weeks and I’ve had no trouble. Hopefully the next few weeks carry on that way before the upgrade as the old forum has its last hurrah.
For the past two days, I automatically get redirected to an advertising website after c. 10 seconds on the forums. I can circumvent it by switching ABP to 'active' once on the forum, but I find this sort of advertisements very much 'not done'. Sidebars, OK - pop-ups, not really OK - being redirected automatically, never OK.
Yesterday was impossible to connect all day long for me, already without any pageview I had the "impossible to connect to the server" message everytime I tried to enter in the forum.

Worst day ever since the problems started.