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extent of doping within cycling

May 20, 2010
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Following the latest Landis case and trying to read the various reports with an open mind, I still find it difficult to know exactly who and what to believe.
While I'd like to believe that those implicated are clean, in the event they are not it follows that there could be a large doping culture within the sport and that many of the top players are likely doping at some time, if only on the evidence of the ability to compete with those confirmed to be doping.
If this is the case, I wonder to what extent doping lies within the sport?
From a personal perspective, I hold a UCI racing licence and compete at an amateur level in Europe. At this level I have never seen any evidence of doping and have only heard one unsubstantiated rumour of any doping taking place.
If there is a problem and we want to see it cleaned up, maybe it would be interesting for others from different levels and backgrounds within the sport to comment (anonymously or not) on their personal experience of seeing any doping practices within our sport?