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Fans' perception of doping?

Jul 20, 2010
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Mods feel free to move to the clinic but i think that it would be better here.

What i want to know is people's views on the following, as i think that people tend to have inconsistent views regarding performance enhancing drugs.

1. Do you believe that there is widespread doping in the peleton?

2. If Yes to 1, how do you feel when a rider is caught and suspended?

3. If Yes to 1, should riders apologise for doping offences

4. How did you form your opinion regarding question 1?

Optional extra credit ;)

5. How clean will cycling ever be and how clean should it be?

ps. for those who point to riders who have never failed a drug test:

Alejandro Valverde (the curious case of Operation Puerto, piti, CONI and the riders that people forget were implicated)


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