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fantasy doping draft

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two Italian teams for the fdd. distribute following sponsor names randomly: Ceramiche Refin, AKI Gipiemme, Panaria, Alessio, Gaerne, De Neri, Mecair, ZG Mobili

Roberto Pistore (Vuelta '95)
Michele Scarponi (Giro '11)
Rodolfo Massi (Tour '98)
Massimiliano Lelli (Vuelta '99)
Roberto Sgambelluri (Giro '99)
Stefano Faustini (Giro '96)
Mauro Santambrogio (Giro '13)
Wladimir Belli (Giro '94 / Tour '99)
Pietro Caucchioli (Giro '01)

note: some of this team's guys are there because of awesome names

Ermanno Brignoli (Vuelta '95)
Giuseppe di Grande (Tour '98)
Federico Giabbecucci
Giusvan Piovaccari
Angelo Lopeboselli (Lombardia '03)
Mirko Celestino (Lombardia '99)
Franco Pellizotti (Giro '08)
Mariano Piccoli (Vuelta '00 / Giro '00)
Niklas Axelsson (Giro '00)
@ciranda. Great list but if i remember Belli wasn't that unknown in 90's and Scarponi had really very good 2010-2012 period (2nd, 2nd or 1st, depends on view, and 4th in Giro).

I just had an idea to try to predict the future. I was fightning back and forth to post it or not but ultimately devil won and i've decided to post it. This post may be highly controversial so please don't take it seriously (or at least too seriously). My cycling knowledge isn't in best of shapes so it can contain some rookie errors. I think this this thread is right to post it but i'm unsure so if it doesn't belong here then i'm sorry for that and i will delete it.

So my entry would be:
Amador, Geniez and maybe Trofimov curtesy of Giro '15 and Kruijswijk, Hesjedal in the same Giro for giving Voigt a lesson on breakaways. Geniez would make an additional combo thanks to making top 10 in Giro and winning Tro-Bro Léon in the same season.
Maybe another one could be Nibali from Tour '14 thanks to being the best simulation of Hinault we can propably get unless The G will step up his game.
Another entry that i can think of is Wiggins in span of his whole career thanks to having almost legendary elasticity (relatively close fight with Hincapie) and maybe i would add Kwiatkowski from Tour '13 for being propably the closest we can get to Sean Kelly in last at least 10 to 15 years (i think Valverde is slightly lacking in sprint department and mostly in cobbles one while Alaphillipe basically just begun racing).
I also can't believe that I somehow missed this thread at the time. I think that in any GT with a decent amount of TT, Libertine Seguros's team would be the favorite, not only because of Big Mig but also on account of the support team around him. But my favourite team is Zlev's, which would create complete chaos in the mountain stages.