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Favorite Jersey/Kit vs. Worst

May 14, 2009
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What is you favorite Kit of all time? I am partial to Hoovend/7-Eleven. Possibly the worst was the Carrera kit which had bibs made to resemble jeans.
Panasonic Sportlife (see my avatar). A lovely jersey that was very distinctive at the time (1991-2).


Worst? Same era, Chazal:

Feb 28, 2010
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I tend to try and forget the nasty ones and only remember the good :D

Pozzato's Italian champion kit this year is by far my favourite National champ kit in the peloton..wish they'd release it!
Mar 11, 2009
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Best all time, not sure if so much because of the design or it was the first team of which I became a fan with the likes of Hinault, Fignon and Lemond riding for them...


Worst, there are many bad ones, but this one has got to be up there amongst the very worst of them...

We had a kit thread before and I think we agreed the short lived Le Groupment team kit was the worst ever.

I was wondering if there is anywhere I could find the old La William-Duvel team kit. They were a Belgian kermesse team in the early 90s who were sponsored by a mayonaise supplier and that lovely Belgian beer Duvel.
Oct 20, 2009
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has super mario and his many outfits not yet made it into this tread?


i always liked the red, white, and blue brooklyn gum and mondrian la vie claire jerseys/kits. too lazy to find a picture though.
Sep 11, 2009
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Sprocketboy said:

I think that this is the worst current kit, and will probably make the list of all-time awfulness. The jersey is wretched enough, but those shorts!

I don't mind it, the foot looks strange but its simple and not cluttered with every color imaginable. Plus the bike is beautiful!!!
among the historical jerseys, my favourite is the peugeot as well. more recently, I liked Fassa Bortolo very much. among the modern jerseys I like the colnago team, and have a bizarre fascination with serramenti/diquigiovanni/androni.

worst: I know a lot of people really hate the fotoon kit, and I would have to agree. Don't really mind the beige jersey; everyone can't wear blue after all, and beige is a valid colour. But i REALLY, REALLY don't understand why they don't wear black shorts!? Beige jersey, black shorts, it's ok. All beige, no!
This picture only partly does them justice, but Le Groupement had the worst jerseys ever. Period.


Somewhere out there in intardnet world, there has to be a picture of Luc LeBlanc and someone else dancing together with maracas and a sombrero at the team presentation party (I think). Used to hang behind my bench when I worked in a bike shop 15 years ago.

100 internet points to whoever can find it. I've had no luck...