Favourite TdF stages

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gregrowlerson said:
The stage where Landa and Contador went into the breakaway in the mountains and threatened to turn the race on its head in 2017 was also pretty awesome. Once again, it is not so much remembered because in the end it didn't really effect the overall. But if a good stage is about entertaining us for a longer period, then that should rate very highly. In a similar way that stage 4 of the 2015 Giro was epic.
Tactically that was such an interesting stage. I mean basically everyone knew the Contador attack was coming but what was really intriguing was Landa's appearence in the break as just one day earlier Landa looked like the strongest climber of the race while his leader Froome lost some time. Now the other three riders in the break, Contador, Quintana and Barguil despite having big names realistically weren't that big of a danger in the gc, the only one who was, was Landa so basically Sky had to decide, do they want chaos but with one of their riders as probably the biggest gainer or do they want to keep everything under control but at the same time throwing away an opportunity for Landa while trusting Froome that what happened the day before was just a bad day.



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