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I heard the bit about Mayo as well, I laughed, I didn't know that. What was it like one Ventoux defeat in the Dauphine? I can't recall exactly, but it's not like Mayo was some world beater. What a character that guy is.

yeah I honestly don't understand why he dislikes Mayo so much. it started at the 2003 Dauphine I think. I don't know if something specific happened at that race or if he's just mad that Mayo tried to race him.
yup he still hates him. and Iban Mayo. brings them up all the time on his podcast. he can't accept that sometimes they were just better than him.
The obvious sour grapes of Lance on the 2009 podium were a real joy. Arguably finishing 3rd with a late comeback, as an older rider, and against your own Maillot Jaune teammate was a really good performance (let's set aside the question of how charged with enhancements might have been) but he looked utterly deflated and couldn't enjoy any of it.

That was a petty, inconsequential satisfaction but heh sue me