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Gent-Wevelgem In Flanders Fields - 26/3 - 162.5 KM (1.WWT)

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I doubt we will see a worse race in 2023 - From crashes splitting the peleton, no-one chasing Reusser, the second group of eight being stupid in the last 1.5kms and being caught by the third group on the road.

Wiebes bike handling is questionable and this is the second time she has caused a crash - Previously posted that Guarischi her lead-out rider is dangerous and I predict she will cause Wiebes to crash.
Wiebes is still very raw tactically and in terms of things like bike handling, compared to the likes of Balsamo, but has been able to compensate that with her raw power. She's already had a fairly significant falling out with Norsgaard about her recklessness.

When her on-bike actions and attitudes are put alongside the context of her contract shenanigans, she gives off the impression of somebody who is determined that she be there to win, and doesn't care who has to get hurt in the process.