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Gent-Wevelgem In Flanders Fields - 26/3 - 162.5 KM (1.WWT)

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I doubt we will see a worse race in 2023 - From crashes splitting the peleton, no-one chasing Reusser, the second group of eight being stupid in the last 1.5kms and being caught by the third group on the road.

Wiebes bike handling is questionable and this is the second time she has caused a crash - Previously posted that Guarischi her lead-out rider is dangerous and I predict she will cause Wiebes to crash.
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SD Worx should get a lot more competition next week, where crashes hopefully won't play as much of a part as they did today. I wish the injured riders a speedy recovery.

I was a bit worried that Jastrab would end up being stuck as a leadout rider for Kool in too many races this year, but she's really proved this week that she has plenty of strength herself, which seems to have surprised her more than anyone else.

Van der Duin and Bossuyt also continues to deliver, and Henderson has once again flourished in the absence of Vos.