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Getting through in the short term

Just seen this posted on another forum, posted by a team manager trying to get backing for his domestic pro team. Posted under the heading Dear Mr. Landis (et al) thanks

After almost a years work with a potential team backer, at the stage of solicitors proof reading contracts etc, a phone call today from the MD of the company put the whole shebang in the trash can after he read the article in the Times on Mr Landis on Sunday. Thanks mate I owe you one

Now I'd say this damage can't really be attributed to Landis but rather to the UCI who have tried to carry on regardless through all the chaos since 1998 of which Landis is a very small part. Of course it's also a little surprising that at this stage any sponsor would say, "wow, there's a load of doping and corruption in cycling, who knew?"

But. All this is like an earthquake collapsing in cycling, and like any natural disaster it won't be the rich people at the top that really suffer it'll be the little people at the bottom. Even if Armstrong eventually goes down then he'll scuttle off with his $M and live happily ever after, and the same goes for Bruyneel, Ferrari and the chief-monkeys at the UCI. But there will be lots of people who aren't responsible for any of this who will really suffer financially.

The UCI have caused all this, and it needs to happen and hopefully it finally will happen this time after so many false starts. It needs to happen for us to ever get to a sensible situation in the long-term, but how do we minimalise the collatoral damage in the short-term? Do the UCI have any plans for what will happen?
Oct 26, 2009
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If that is the attitude of this potential new cycling team owner (or current team owner seeking a sponsor,whatever he is), I doubt his team would last any length of time anyway.
If you're blaming Landis, why not blame every newspaper that published the story as well? It's like singling out a single mouse in a mouse plague and holding him responsible for you having no corn. . .