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Giro d'Italia Giro d’Italia 24, Stage 10: Pompei – Cusano Mutri (Bocca della Selva), 142.0k

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Strong win by Paret-Peintre. Gutsy ride by Tratnik. GC action minimal. Bardet makes up a few minutes and rode well.
That was a great performance by VPP.

However, on a serious note: He looks like he has an eating disorder. He makes Bardet look bulky, and that's no mean feat. VPP is listed as 1.76 m and a mere 52 kg. That cannot be healthy.
Martinez riding very defensively. I don't blame him, He is in prime position for second and 1st is out of reach anyway. He is also saving himself for a rainy day!
He is looking like Hindley in first half of Giro22, riding aparently efortless like he shouldn´t exceed certain watts. Maybe is a Bora Trademark or something, but of course this time they face Pogacar not a human like Carapaz.
Come on, he was 21 years old when he shot a cat for fun. Not exactly an innocent adolescent or something like that.
I never shot a cat, or anything remotely as bad as that, but at 21 we can still make dumb decisions. Your brain isn’t fully developed until 25, and even though I’m in my thirties I still feel I learn and grow as a person every year