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Giro dell'Emilia 2023, one day race, September 30

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Only one post from you during the race, which was quite brief by your standards.
I can only assume you must have been busy attending the Lotte Kopecky Fan Day in Gent ;)

I was celebrating my niece's birthday and didn't have time to watch it live.
The Slovenians did their things, with Roglič winning once again. A pretty decent result for young Piganzoli.
Peter Sagan retires from road cycling tomorrow. I have a whole festival to organise.
So many big names who DNF. Incredible. Probably taken out, because too far back.

A shame, anyways: even CT „Emilia something“ riders finished the race.

Emilia might not be Lombardia, but is a nice race, with amazing palmares. So I would have expected many of the „DNF stars“ to ride fast enough to finish it. 200kms, so a valuable training for next Saturday.

More than 42.2kms/hr average, so a fast edition. Top pro road cycling has become incredibly fast. More than 3000 vertical meters. In the past, you would have had a winning average of 38 or 39kms/hr, here.

Every race, they race as if it‘s Road World Championships…
He showed he can beat Pogacar. This is important for him, at least to feel he still has a chance to compete with Vingegaard and Pog
I think it's much more that all the uncertainty about his future is over. Not sure if he can leave teams, not sure if he should leave, etc. He's made his decision, got his new contract and if he doesn't win the Tour, he'll have tried. And I don't think it's a bad deal for him financially either.
Congratulations to Primož Roglič for winning Giro dell'Emilia in a grand style.

Third win, bumping overall to 80, on one of the favourite Rogličes climbs, against a very strong field. And in what fashion. Pure strength and class. Was a good match with Pogi. Both finishing at top. Harper, Masnada animating, Yates brothers, Mas, Carapaz ... all strong. Pinot cheered. Really enjoyed this race.

As for remaining two races raced for JV, by Rogla. I don't know. It will be hard to beat Pogi or Remco at Lombardia. Then again it will be hard to beat Rogla at Lombardia.

Somehow i feel Rogla is in extreme form and it will be hard to beat him. One can always try.
Yea, but he also has a lot more miles on the clock than Roglič. He broke through young and has done a lot of racing since, while Rogla was a late starter. Rogla's only in his 11th season as a pro and his 8th at the WT level, whereas Sagan is in his 2nd at the ProTeam level after 12 as a WT pro and 13 as a pro outright. Plus, let's be real here, Sagan has dropped off hard the last couple of seasons. If you'd said five years ago that Sagan's retirement race would see no posts in either the thread about him or the existence of the race itself on the morning of it taking place, it would have been crazy talk, but here we are.
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