Giro dell'Emilia 2023, one day race, September 30

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So Rogla stomped Teddy, as I predicted. What surprised me was that he did it on a fast section close to the line, it was almost like a sprint. Still, when I saw UAE work that hard I thought Pog was super-confident but they wasted a lot of power to no effect.
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Roglic when he see's they're offering 6 million

Pogacar anticipated perfectly, just wasnt strong enough
Not at all, he tried to muscle his way ahead, when he should have been on Roglic's wheel. How many times do pros make amateur mistakes? All he had to do was force Rog to take the initiative, be it to open the sprint or chase down a late surge. On the other hand, Pog evidently felt he could blast away to the line. I'd say he should learn to play the tactical game more. As it was, he just depleated his reserves while Roglic astutely waited for his moment to pounce. Chapeau
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Dec 1, 2022
It's amazing how bad are UAE at tactics? Surely they can hire someone and start to implement decent tactics? Are they going to do the same in Lombardia? Wait for a Pog-Rogla-Remco sprint?
They just underestimated how much Rogla has left in his tank. As proved at the end, this was the only tactic they could have employed today. Lombardia is different, obviously, Rogla will have burnt out by the finish.
Both going more slowly early to have both Yates and Pogacar as options on the final climb and letting Yates attack were options they decided against.
Because Yates attacking couldn't gap Van Wilder
Didn't he literally do just that?
The strangest thing is that UAE have dominated the Italian ond day races using their numbers - For a start when Harper went off, then a Majka or Vine should have gone with him to make other teams work - Then A.Yates had to attack on the second last ascent to make a smaller selection. A big fail by UAE.

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