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Giro d'Italia 2023, stage 11: Camaiore - Tortona 219 km

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Would've been funny if Milan had won given that Ackermann was super confident it was his despite the super small margin (I think he only had eyes for Cav).
Nevertheless, good to see him winning again even if Milan definitely screwed up his positioning. Also ballsy to keep going despite Cavendish quite clearly deliberately deviating trying to shut the door.

Why are you posting the same thing twice?
Where are you getting this from? From what I can see most of the riders went down before they even really had time to react.
Really?! Tao was about 5 bike lengths behind Covi when he fell

Really sad. There have been a lot of bad “what if” races - 2008 Tour, 2014 Tour, 2019 Tour, 2021 Tour, etc. - and this is definitely going on the list. Really sad that Covid continues to destroy lives, livelihoods, and races, and this crash taking down top 3 on GC with a broken leg for TGH is tragic. Not a good situation for anyone involved, and I imagine the what if’s will haunt Remco and TGH for a long time. TGH in particular will need to watch out for depression. This was a real blow and he not only lost a major chance but he also will be unable to do what he loves and work toward his purpose for some time.
ES keep on thinking Cav will win, and even went there saying he'll have a chance at the Tour. It'll take some insane luck for him to win a sprint in the Tour
Cav hasn't been the fastest man in the peloton for years now, but still he managed to win a few Tour stages. He won't be the favourite in the Tour sprints, but I wouldn't bet against him winning one.