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Giro d'Italia 2023, stage 11: Camaiore - Tortona 219 km

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The racing is good. The crashes, and the covid, isn't.
Are you serious?
We've had next to zero GC action mano-a-mano, and we are stage 11. The Gran Sasso stage was a dud, we've hardly had any spectacle in breakaways (yesterday as an example), almost all of the 'excitement' came from crashes. No, this Giro has not been good at all so far.
What exactly does that still shot tell us? In real time they all slide out in the same area so quickly that it's hard to see how this wasn't a grip issue.

There were at least five guys on this corner on the same line in front of Covi and none of them crashed. I think the grip was fine, as the left lane seemed dry. It looks more like a road imperfection to me that fooled Covi and Tao & Rog braked too hard moving into the wetter part


Roglic (or Bowman?) crashes directly in front of him. What should he do? Pause, Rewind, play and let himself sack to take that corner in last position instead?
It was Roglic who is also not bright in such situations.
Sepp Kuss. Although he apparently stuck his finger in his spokes for xyz reason & it's all bloodied now.

I guess he wanted his own injury to make it a fair fight in week 3.
Was he fiddling with his rear derailleur while riding, like we saw him do last week?

I used to always brushed off my front and rear tires with a gloved hand after riding through shattered glass or thorns that I couldn’t swerve around. One time was sloppy got a finger in my rear spokes. Man that hurt.
I only do that with my front tires now :)
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I have won the tour and the vuelta twice (gc). I only have 4 stage wins in the tour though (I’m not much of a sprinter and at 63 years old, I don’t think I’ll add to my tally).
I believe the only former rider for whom this statement would be true is Pedro Delgado; are you seriously telling us you are him? If you are, it's pretty awesome to have you on this forum. Otherwise, shame on you! ;-)
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