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Apr 5, 2010
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Please explain how 3 italian after a very very fast tampo on the montagne still had the energy on the last climb too get almost 3 minutes in 5 kms from the riders every 100 metres was gaining 3 seconds unbeleivable they where going has fast on the flat even was a montagne not looking tired they could go another 100 kms imagine they supposed too be clean wowwww love too know cause i may get 20 years younger??????
wowww LIQUIDAS you must have the best doctors what surprse me only italian or spanish doing well those days on cycling hmmmmmmmmm????? well maybe the coach had a secret under they sleeve but if you train and train you gettired???????????
May 26, 2010
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The Reverend said:
Mmmmm . . .... and also Basso 8 secs faster up Motirolo than 06. Some reasonable questions but Sassi seems very sure!

Of course, he's as sure as Doc Ferarri, Doc Fuentes...all good guy you undertand....:rolleyes:

Basso lost loads of weight from not racing for 2 years:D
Apr 26, 2010
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Moose McKnuckles said:
This butchery of the English language must stop.

hear hear. And please refer to teams and riders to their actual names. If you don't want to spell it or you do not know how to, use abbreviations. But not Liquidas, nobody will take you serious.