Got my trainer !

Oct 9, 2009
cyclops trainer. I feel like a kid at christmas. The great guys at my favorite bike shop were telling me about the monotony of doing it. But no worries, I trained on a treadmill for years. I really became addicted to riding over the last year and was ****ed off when the weather turned totally unfriendly for me to ride in and the pounds have started packing on.

I didnt realize how much I had been training preparing for a century in oct when I ate the same and stopped riding. No excuses now. I should be ready for spring. Ill pull some tapes of old races to watch. Yahoo !:D
Apr 2, 2009
Go for it!. I recently bought a Cyclops mag+ trainer. I don't race but it sure beats sitting on the couch all winter, with the rest of the potatoes!!