Grand Tour Elimination Game ( 2010s )

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Heal: 2019 Vuelta
Hurt: 2012 Vuelta

42 - 2010 Giro
38 - 2015 Giro
30 - 2016 Giro
28 - 2016 Vuelta
25 - 2018 Giro
25 - 2011 Giro
22 - 2019 Vuelta
22 - 2010 Tour
19 - 2012 Vuelta
12 - 2014 Vuelta
05 - 2019 Tour
05 - 2017 Giro
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2016 Vuelta, I get it, Formigal was GREAT. Possibly the best Grand Tour stage in this century (maybe we could have another vote game to decide that) but otherwise, it really doesn't seem like an excellent race.

I have to admit that it's a race I for some reason remember very poorly but I just went through the results of all the stages, and it doesn't seem appealing at all. SO many lame break wins (Frank, Lagutin (WTF), Geniez (on Mirador de Ézaro where Rubén Fernández suddenly was a better puncheur than Valverde down in the peloton for second place), Calmejane, de la Cruz, Gesink, Latour (okay, that was pretty cool how he played it) and especially that Conti stage where Valverde lead the peloton in, 35 minutes after the winner (!!!)), sprint wins from Meersman (x2), Cort (x2), Drucker, Keukeleire and freaking Vangenechten. That does not by any stretch of the imagination consitute a good Grand Tour, it has to have some quality as well.

I'm sure Froome did some entertaining yoyo-ing but it seems like Formigal has made everybody forget how daft this race was in general. It was excellently played by Quintana but after Formigal there wasn't anything interesting going on, either.

It just isn't a top 5 of the decade Grand Tour.
Agreed, but the Aubisque stage was also quite good. I think it's on par with the 2012 Vuelta.
No that was horrible because it was the one day in his career where Valverde randomly decided not to for GC, thus not getting the three top 10s in one year :(

I don't remember much else from that day, I have to admit. It set things nicely up for the subsequent stage, though.

Also, I liked very much that the favourites fought for so many stages in 2012. But I think it's obvious that that isn't something everybody in this thread values to the same extent as me.
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